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Krakenspiel 2024

July 20th and 21st

Charleston Curling Club welcomes our curling family back for its 6th annual Krakenspiel. 

In 2023 we doubled the fun by growing to a two day bonspiel. We're Doubling Down on this success in 2024 with another year of the Krakenbracket! 

  • $400 per team
  • 24-team open format
  • Play 3 games in our new "Kraken-Bracket" format
  • First draw: 8:00 AM  Saturday. Last draw is expected to end by 2:00 PM Sunday.
  • Meals: Saturday Lunch & Dinner are included. Additional food is available for sale at the Carolina Ice Palace's snack bar and Penalty Box Sports Lounge throughout the day.
  • Beer, Wine, Liquor, and Non Alcoholic beverages are sold on-site within The Penalty Box Sports Lounge. Please Note: South Carolina law prohibits the sale of Alcohol prior to 10:00 AM. Please plan appropriately. 
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'Kraken-Bracket' Format


  • Teams will play a two-game bracket.
  • Teams will participate in a modified Draw Shot Challenge after each game Saturday.
    • Each team will throw 1 stone following each game, clearing the stone after each throw is recorded.
    • You may sweep your own team's stone.
    • There is no defensive sweeping by an opposing team.
    • Each stone will be scored as follows based on where it comes to rest:
      • 5 points: touching button
      • 4 points: touching 4 ft circle
      • 3 points: touching 8 ft circle
      • 2 points: touching 12 ft circle
      • 1 point: in play but not in the house
      • 0 points: out of play


  • The drawmaster will place teams into one of 4 Groups based on their Saturday Record.
    • Group A - 2-0 Record
    • Group B - 1-1 Record, winning in round 1
    • Group C - 1-1 Record, winning in round 2
    • Group D - 0-2 Record.
  • Each Group will then be seeded based on the modified DSC to determine their final opponent on Sunday. (1v2, 3v4, 5v6)
    • Any ties will be awarded to the team with the fewest points against them during their games on Saturday.
    • If this tie is not resolved, the tie will be awarded to the team with the fewest years experience.
    • In the event of an uneven number of teams in a group (ie: a field of 20 results in 5 teams with a 2-0 record), top seeded teams may be promoted to round out the group.
  • The Krakenspiel Champion will be the winner of the 1v2 game from Group A

Rules of Play

  • Standard World Curling Federation / USA Curling rules apply.
    • Five rock rule is in play.
    • No tick rule is NOT in play
  • ALL players must sign waivers before entering the ice.
  • Hang the score of the last end as soon as it is decided and LEAVE the score hanging at the end of each game. Only the drawmaster may clear score.
  • Teams have 1½ hours to play up to 8 ends in their draw.
    • Teams may start new ends, up to 8 ends, so long as 15 minutes or more remain on the clock.
  • Please leave the ice upon the conclusion of your game as to allow as much ice time prep for the next draw as possible.
  • Tie games are decided by skips' stones.
    • Each team selects one member to throw one stone, closest to the button wins.
    • The team who was last to score in an end throws first.
    • You may sweep your own team's stone, but not the opponent’s stone.
    • The first team's stone is measured with a laser device. That stone is removed after the measurement and the second team will deliver their stone. The second stone only needs to be measured if in the opinion of the vice’s the winning skips’ stone could not be determined.

Individual Registration

Individual registration will open the same day as full team registration. We will begin team matchmaking with individual registration towards the end of May and early June. You may be subbed into incomplete teams or matched with other individual players. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to play in the requested position, and you are certainly free to change the positions up within your team after matchmaking.


We will be curling at The Carolina Ice Palace in the Royal Rink.

7665 Northwoods Blvd

North Charleston, SC 29406

The Ice Palace is a 10 minute drive from Charleston International Airport (CHS) and is centrally located among numerous options for lodging, dining and entertainment. Less than a mile from I-26, the Ice Palace is also a short drive away from Charleston's Historic Downtown, Beaches, and other area attractions. 

Payment and Cancellation

Payment is collected during the registration process and is required to secure your team's slot. PayPal is our payment process, and can collect a Credit/Debit payment without needing to have a PayPal account. 

Cancellations received before June 28th will be processed, and you will receive a full refund.
Cancellations received between June 28th and July 12th will be processed; however, you will only receive a full refund if we are able to find a replacement team.
Cancellations received after July 12th will be processed; however, you will not receive any refund.


Spectators are welcome to attend the Krakenspiel at no cost.

Event Properties

Event Date 07-20-2024 8:00 am
Event End Date 07-21-2024 1:00 pm
Cut off date 07-07-2024 12:00 pm
Capacity 92
Registered 92
Available place 0
Individual Price $100.00
Fixed group price $400.00
Location Carolina Ice Palace

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