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Thank you for your interest in membership with the Charleston Curling Club. Our memberships are open to any person who has either attended a Charleston Curling Club Learn To Curl, or has prior experience curling at another club. Are you ready to sign up, complete the registration form here.


Membership dues dont just help cover the clubs expenses. It's your buy-in to growing the sport in Charleston; and that comes with some pretty sweet perks.

• Receive a discount code for $15-off all pick up play ice-fees.
• Have a voice in the club as a voting members, and may serve on committees or the board of directors.
• Access to club resources:
  • Training from our instructors to improve your game
  • Matchmaking with our network of clubs around the world, find a teammates to curl anwyere.
  • Borrow equipment for travel spiels.
  • Login to the Charleston Curling Club Slack - a tool we use to socialize and coordinate in between on-ice sessions.
• Get special access for local league play, and one-day social events at neighboring dedicated ice clubs.
• Represnent Team Charleston at the annual Krakenspiel, and other Bonspiels around the world.
• Get in on the ground floor of growing the sport in the Charleston. 


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GNCC / USA Curling Membership

A portion of the dues we collect cover also enrolls you as a member in both the Grand National Curling Club (GNCC) and USA Curling. Membership in these organizations give curlers access to additional benefits.

• Insurance coverage while curling.
• Access to workshops, training and coaching from regional, national staff.
• Regional, National Bonspiels
• Supporting, and participating in the SafeSport program
• Get in on the ground floor of growing the sport in the US. 
• Support the development of future Olympians.


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Q: What is the cost of a membership with the Charleston Curling Club.

Annual dues are $100, which includes the cost of of dues owed to  GNCC and USA Curling.

Q: Why do I have to pay for both a membership, and each pick up play sessions?

Our membership dues primarily pay for operating costs, equipment upkeep and insurance for the club. Membership dues does not cover our ice time, which we purchase from the Carolina Ice Palace.

Q: What timeframe does my membership cover?

Memberships are for the calendar year, starting January 1st, and ending on December 31st.

Q: Am I required to own any equipment to curl as a member?

No, you are not required to invest in any equipment as a member.  We do strongly encourage members to eventually purchase curling shoes and a broom.

Q: How often can I curl with the Charleston Curling Club

We average two opportunities a month in Charleston.  Since we are an arena club we share ice with other sports like hockey and ice skating.  Depending on demand from other sports there may be a rare month without  ice. There maybe severa morel opportunities to play in other months. The board selects dates based on the clubs demand for days and time.

There are almost always opportunities to curl outside of Charleston. Membership in the club helps tune you into those opportunities and locate teammates willing to travel.

Q: Am I required to volunteer or meet any other requirements to stay in good standing?

Volunteering is not tracked or mandatory; however, there are two expectations of our members

1: Members should arrive ahead of scheduled ice times to assist with ice prep. The more people helping with ice prep, the longer we have to play.

2: Members playing as a part of Team Charleston at our Krakenspiel are expected to assist with the planning and/or execution of the Bonspiel.

Q: What volunteer opportunities are available with the club?

Charleston Curling Club is 100% volunteer run. As a growing club every volunteer action helps strengthen the club. Opportunities to serve include:

  • Serving on the Board of Directors to guide the operations of the club.
  • Serving on the Krakenspiel committee to organize our annual bonspiel.
  • Serving on the Social committee to keep members stay connected in between on-ice sessions.
  • Serving ont he Communication committe to maintain our website, social media and find ways to keep the public informed about the club.
  • Instructing Learn To Curl sessions.
  • Securing financial sponsorships or donations of food, drink and raffle prizes.

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Registration Form


Please complete the form below in its entirety and remit your dues payment.  We are asking members to register and pay No Later Than December 1st, 2023. You of course are welcome to register as a CCC member after that date and into the next year, but you may not be included in our vote counts at USA Curling and GNCC elections.

Once your registration is processed you will receive an email welcoming you to the club. This email will contain your discount code good for $15 off regular on-ice sessions (Pick Up Play) at the Carolina Ice Palace to use in 2024.  If you are not currently part of the Club's Slack channels you will also receive an invitation to that tool.

Please configure your email provider to allow emails from [email protected] This will ensure that you receive your membership details and other club notifications in a timely manner. 

Having problems with the form or have other questions? email [email protected]

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