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Charleston Curling Club Hall of Fame


Krakenspiel Winners

The Krakenspiel is the Charleston Curling Club's annual Bonspiel. Originally billed as the "Inaugural" and "Take 2" Bonspiel, the Krakenspiel branding arose in 2020. Held in July, the Krakenspiel is a 1-day event where all participating teams play 3 games. This is a physically demanding feat in its own right. The Krakenspiel is a "Points-Spiel" format, where each teams score is calculated based on number of overall wins, ends won, and points scored. 


2018 - The Inaugural One-Day Bonspiel

 Team Everyone Needs a Scapegoat
 Skip  Ellen Lynch  Triangle Curling Club
 Vice  Matt Henning  Triangle Curling Club
 Second  Marc Feaster  Triangle Curling Club
 Lead  Molly Hupp  Triangle Curling Club


2019 - "Take 2" One-Day Bonspiel

Team Take Warning!
 Skip  Sue Mitchell  Triangle Curling Club
 Vice  Nick Schwab  Triangle Curling Club
 Second  Russel Kandel  Triangle Curling Club
 Lead  Amanda & Brad Smith  Charlotte Curling Association


2020 - Krakenspiel

The 2020 Krakenspiel was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


2021 - Krakenspiel

 Team Allen
 Skip  Sarah Allen  Coastal Carolina Curling Club
 Vice  Jason Allen  Coastal Carolina Curling Club
 Second  Tyler Caron  Coastal Carolina Curling Club
 Lead  Scott Caron  Coastal Carolina Curling Club


2022 - Krakenspiel

 Team Schitt Faced
 Skip  Kristen Conrad  Charlotte Curling Association
 Vice  Kevin Stevens  Charlotte Curling Association
 Second  Matthew Kenlan  Charlotte Curling Association
 Lead  Laura Fisher  Charlotte Curling Association
 Alternate  Kyle Fisher  Charlotte Curling Association

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