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Learn to Curl

"Curling in Charleston? I've always wanted to try that!"

- You, probably.

Whether you have Olympic aspirations, are looking for a new hobby, or just crossing off a bucket list item. The Charleston Curling Club is here for you!  Ready to register? Click Here. Have questions? Read on.

What Happens at a Learn To Curl?

After arriving at the Carolina Ice Palace you'll be greeted by one of our club members. They will help you get signed in and help you complete any paperwork.

Once everyone arrives our instructors will begin with a brief orientation. The orientation will cover safety, equipment and warm you up with light stretching. You'll then be given a broom and escorted out onto the ice.

Instructors will lead small groups of 4-6 attendees to different parts of the ice. Each group will work through sweeping, throwing stones, and communication.

Once these groups have completed they drills, some groups will combine. Together they will play a instructed game. As you play instructors will cover basic rules, scoring, strategy and the Spirit of Curling. The game lasts until the end of our ice time.

At the close of the session our instructors will help you snap some photos of you or your group, and talk about opportunities for more curling.

Depending on our end time, club members usually head over to Stones Throw Tavern at Northwoods Mall for Broomstacking. This is a curling tradition where players socialize after playing a game. All Learn To Curl participants are welcome to join us for Broomstacking.

I'd like to, but Im worried about my knees, ankle, back, or something else.

Good news! Curling is a highly adaptable sport. One of the most common adaptations is the use of a delivery stick. This adaptation allows people to deliver stones in an upright position - no squatting, bending or lunging required. Certain delivery sticks may also enable wheelchair parathletes to play the sport. Charleston Curling Club has instructors and equipment available to teach stick curling. 

Are you interested in adaptive curling? Please let us know via email when you register so that we can ensure the equipment, ice, and instructors are prepared for you when you arrive.

What should I wear?

Clothes - Dress for flexibility, comfort, and warmth. We highly recommend layering athletic clothing that you let you bend and stretch. We find that jeans are usually not flexible enough.

Shoes - Closed-toed, rubber-soled athletic shoes are necessary. Dirt and debris can significantly alter how the stones travel - so please leave the mowing shoes at home.

Do I need to buy or rent any equipment?

No, the club provides everything you will need to curl.

Where do we curl?

We curl at the Carolina Ice Palace, typically in the Royal Rink (right hand side after entry)

7665 Northwoods Blvd.

North Charleston, SC 29406


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