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The Spirit of Curling


A Partial List of Ways to Demonstrate the Spirit of Curling

  • Help with Ice Prep. The sooner ice prep is done, the more time we have to play.
  • Start with a handshake. At the beginning of the game, greet the members of the opposing team with a handshake, tell them your name, and wish them “Good Curling”.
  • Finish with a handshake. When the game is over, offer each of the players a hearty handshake and move off the ice. The winning curlers traditionally offer their counterparts some refreshments.
  • Keep the ice clean. Trash, dirt, sand, and even hair can affect the path of a stone.
    • The best way to keep the ice clean is to keep your shoes clean. Many curlers have a dedicated pair of curling shoes to put on just before getting on the ice. 
    • Ensure equipment that touches the ice like the broom head and grippers, are in good condition and clean.
  • Compliment good shots. No matter which team makes them.
  • Keep up the pace of play. Ice time is always preciously short.  
    • Be on time, ready to play.
    • Take your position in the hack as soon as your opponent has delivered his/her stone.
    • Be prepared to sweep by the time your teammate releases the rock.
    • After delivering your stone, return any shared equipment (slider, stablizer) to the hack promptly and then step to the side. 
    • When the skip is traveling from the house to the hack to throw, get their stone, slider and stabilizer positioned.
  • Be courteous. Don’t distract your opponents.
    • Once an opponent steps into the hack, sweepers should be still until the stone passes their position.
    • The Skip or Vice should be still, quiet when behind the house.
    • Never cross infront of a running stone.
  • Help with Tear Down. The faster the club can clear off the ice, the more time we have to play

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